Do I go to weddings alone?

Well ... not quite. It's me and my camera. Unless, of course, we agree otherwise, in this case there will be more.

Am I willing to travel?

In fact, I love traveling, I like to go on a trip a day or two earlier. I am willing to travel anywhere. If necessary, I will follow you to the edge of the Dover Cliffs or to the top of Mount La Palma.

What packages do I offer?

You can find my packages in the Investment section.
I make films and have three options to choose from.

What are the video prices?

No, I don't work for "exposure". Prices for the video depend on travel costs, accommodation or the choice of packages. As I said, I offer something creative and personal. It really can't be done for "lunch in mcdonald". If you have a really limited video budget, I'd love to hear from you and discuss the options. I am open to possibilities!

How do I plan to travel to weddings?

If the trip is too long and the shooting day with the trip would be more than 12 hours, then I am looking for accommodation for 1 to 2 nights. Traveling is dangerous after a busy day. Concentration all day and of course, that camera also has some weight. If I have to travel abroad, I am looking for the cheapest ticket and travel costs. If you have a wedding abroad, I will be very happy if you contact me!

Keep in mind that you should cover all accommodation and transportation costs. If you have any questions, contact me to find out more.

How do we book you?

Write me as much information as possible about your project or wedding. I'll check if I have a free date. If so, I will send you my price list and cost calculation. Then you choose the package that suits you best. The boring part? …… I will need information from you to write up the contract. Then I will send it to you. You need to read it and confirm your agreement .. You will pay the booking fee and buala! The date is yours.

How long does it take to make a video?

Um, definitely not in a week or two. Since I don't want the video to end up with dust on the shelf, but I'm trying to create something that will be a beautiful memory forever, I upload the video from 2 to 5 months. For other projects, it depends on the agreement.

What is my shooting and post-production style?

Like when a painter paints a picture himself. When finished, he will put his signature there.
It is not painted by three or two people. This is how I take my job.
I am an artist and I take my work artistically. At the wedding, I move alone with one camera. I document everything and try to be everywhere. This makes me less visible and the people around me are not stressed.
When I start working on video, first I try to see the so-called artistic feeling. It takes me hours to choose the right music. I want the resulting video to be worth it, so I don't make videos as templates. Every wedding is different and each must be captured in a unique way. I will send you samples of my work on request.

I take other professional projects very seriously.
I create a script, a moodboard, a shot list and all the necessary things to make it work as it should.