In short

I like that wedding atmosphere. Yes, the rush and everything around it. I will be carried away by the beautiful atmosphere. With the camera, I wander through places where something is happening. I try to capture all the atmosphere that happens on the wedding day.

However, I love creating commercial videos or documentaries. Teamwork, endless creativity, planning and everything else associated with this segment.


My goal is to create something unique

Shots of hanging wedding dresses from a tree?
Really not.
Slowmotion shot on makeup artist how applies a fixation spray ?
Really not.

My goal is to create something unique from every wedding, and I will only achieve it if I don't do things like a template.

Specific style

The Stories From Elis

I try to put something different, concrete and special, into each wedding. Colors, urban sounds, voices, movements, crying and laughing. It all tells your story. These are all authentic shots. I care a lot about color, so I do "colorgrading" to give your film a "cinematic look."