Wedding highlights

Here you can find my latest works for wedding highlights.

Lucia & Marek

A story that began in winter.

Soňa & Peter

Together and anywhere

Natalie & Angel

The poetry of love

Adriana & Tomas

Our love, our world

Natalia & Henrique

Love has no boundaries

How do I see it?

I don't do things according to the mainstream. I have my own style, my own point of view.

No, I'm not filming a dress hanging on a tree or in a closet. Not even a slow-motion shot of a makeup artist applying hairspray or fixing spray.

Not even close-up shots of the rings somewhere on the floor.

I have my own style and I just do things my way.

I don't want every video of mine to be the same, that's why I look at things a little differently.