one honest thought from me

Visual Orchestra

It is beautiful to have everything so smooth, stabilized, epic, romantic.

Um, but that's not for me. It's just not fun.

How do I take videography?

Why is the footage in my videos so floating, dynamic, unstabilized, sometimes out of focus?

Because it can all tell a story, convey an emotion.

Storytelling isn't just about story lines in a video.

Storytelling is also a technique with which the camera works.

It goes hand in hand, it has to be in sync even with the right music.

It's like a visual orchestra, like writing a symphony.

For me personally, perfection means imperfection.

That's my symphony.

Commercial and Wedding videographer

Hi, I’m Zoltan, videography is more than just a job for me - it's my lifestyle. In the field of commercial videography, I enjoy planning and working in a team. It's amazing to see ideas turn into reality. Wedding videography is something unique to me. I love capturing authentic moments and emotions in real time. It is my pleasure to be a part of a special day when two people are united by love and loyalty.


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